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  HUDA Faqs  



1. Question:

I heard that HUDA has changed it’s layout approval procedure. Can you enlighten us as to how this new and changed procedure is better than the old one?

Rajsekhar, Hyderabad



Yes, there has been a change in the mechanism of according layout approval by HUDA since 2001. In the old system procedure, a draft layout was given to developer/applicant with conditions to develop the layout works within one year. Plots could be disposed only after HUDA sanctioned the Final layout. This procedure left many layout development works incomplete and also dragged on the cases for a number of years due to non-compliance of the layout development works. Under the new procedure, the applicant/developer is allowed to sell 75% of the plotted area after the layout approval and after mortgaging 25% of the plotted area as surety for compliance of the layout development works. This procedure has resulted in facilitating the layout owner/developer with getting capital investment for undertaking the layout development works, faster layout development works ( many layouts are completed within six months) and a proper check on the layout developer and the works undertaken by him. In fact this procedure is working well and is being emulated by other UDAs also.



I bought a land in Khazaguda (Cyberabad Zone) from a developer. He says it is a Panchayat layout. Can you tell me if it’s OK if its Panchayat layout and not HUDA layout ? Moreover, I don’t stay here, can you please advise me how to protect my land from land-grabbers or from other encroachments ?

Shasi, Lincolnshire



Any layout has to have a valid approval from HUDA. The layout mentioned by you does not have HUDA approval. This Panchayat layout necessarily has to be got regularized through the Municipality and the Cyberabad Development Authority.


As regards protection of your site is concerned, this may be done by individual efforts, viz., fencing/ construction of compound wall ( for which necessary permission from the Commissioner, Seri Lingampally Municipality needs to be obtained), watch and ward security, etc., or collectively by forming an Association and taking similar measures.


2. Question:

I intend to buy a residential plot in a HUDA approved tentative layout of 1995 in Sy No. 132 of Yapral (V).What is the difference between a tentative layout and a Final layout. Can we get house permission in this ? When would HUDA be giving the Final Layout ? ….

Naven Nuney,Capt Gemini, Ernest & Young



A Tentative layout has been released by HUDA to the applicant in the said venture and the Final layout is under consideration.


As to the difference between a “Tentative HUDA approval” and “Final HUDA Approval”, a  Tentative layout is given by HUDA after due technical and ownership & ULC verification. The applicant is required to mortgage 25% of the plots to HUDA as surety for undertaking and completion of all layout development works and conditions. However, the applicant/developer can sell the plots in the remaining non-mortgaged area. After compliance of the development works as per the specifications, HUDA releases the complete layout. Till then no building permission can be given.


3. Question:

I purchased plots long back in Narne’s Estate’s venture called Central Park Sector-3 . (a) Could you give us the latest position of this venture at Kondapur?

(b) How long does it take to approve a layout by HUDA ?

(c) Can we go ahead and book a plot in this venture ?

…Ramesh Sawlani, Hyderabad



(a)      No Tentative layout approval has been given by HUDA in this venture mentioned by you as there is a discrepancy in the land ownership which the applicant has to sort out first.

(b)                A layout normally takes one month for clearance after compliance of the all requirements, ie., layout plans drawings, position of established road, filing of all ownership documents, ULC papers and related link documents, etc. Similarly, Final layout approval takes one month for clearance after all the development works are completed.

(c)                No transaction should take place in the layout, unless there is valid approval for the same from HUDA.


4. Question:

I have purchased two plots          in Lakshmi Megacity-2  at Narkhuda and Chowduryguda . I am told that HADA is undertaking the preparation of a Master plan for the area. How is this HADA different from HUDA? Will our plots be confisticted by HADA as a result of the Public Caution Notice issued in August 2002?  Can you tell me as to how this Master Plan would affect us for  our layout approval and how different it is from a layout?… BS Sharma. Saidabad, Hyderabad.



To put it simply, the Master Plan and a valid layout approval guides usage of land and regulates the development activities in an area. A valid layout approval means you can utilize the plot for development purpose like building construction, etc. after duly obtaining permission as per law.

However, not having a valid layout approval does not imply that the area would be confisticated by the public authority or the ownership rights over the land are affected as in your case (unless there is an ownership discrepancy). It means that you cannot utilize the plot for development purposes like house construction, etc. You would not get building approval under the law for the said area. 

Both HUDA and HADA are separate planning and development authorities but operating under the aegis of the Andhra Pradesh Urban Areas (Development) Act, 1975. Regarding the rules and regulations for development, they would depend upon the Statutory Master plan and the set of Development Control Regulations accompanying it. Therefore, these are different for different UDAs.

The Master Plan as well as the Development Regulations for the HADA area is under finalization and would be notified to the public shortly for their suggestions, comments, etc.


6. Question:

I am an NRI and looking out for land (around 500 sq yards) in Nagole area. Could you kindly inform me if there is any HUDA/Government of AP Authorised Real Estate Agency ? … Hari Krishna, Hyderabad



HUDA has approved a Final layout in Sy No. 10,11, 12 & 15 of Nagole (V). For similar areas layout status, you may meet our Jumior Planning Officer on any working day at our Office @ Begumpet. Regarding the second part of your question there are no authorization or system of licencing real estate agencies at present. You may therefore need to approach any reputed real estate agency.



7. Question:

Ours is a Central Government organization and we sanction housing loans to our employees. We wish to know:

(a)                          Whether HUDA approval is a must for layouts which are in the purview of Gram Panchayats

(b)                          Whether HUDA approval is a must for construction of apartments/multi-storeyed residential complexes, which are in the purview of Gram Panchayats or Municipalities.

(c)                          Whether GOMs Nos. 422 and 423 exempt local bodies like Municipal Councils from obtaining the approval of HUDA before sanctioning the construction plans of residential complexes.


Ans :

(a)                          All layouts whether they are in Gram Panchayat areas or UDA areas need to have a valid approval. In case of UDA areas, approval of the UDA is a must, while in case of outside UDA areas, approval of the Director of Town & Country Planning , AP is essential.

(b)                          Similarly for Apartment Complexes, approval of UDA is a must if in UDA area and approval of DT&CP for areas outside UDA areas.

(c)                          No, the two Government Orders quoted require the above procedure at (b) to be followed. The local bodies are not exempted from obtaining approval of HUDA or the DT&CP as the case may be, in sanctioning and releasing  the Apartment Complexes permissions.


8. Question:

We formed a Society and established a colony with duly approved layout about 15 years back. One-tenth of the land (about 1200 sq. metres) was registered in favour of Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad as gift for utilization for religious purposes. We recently approached the MCH for permission tp allot the said land for construction of a Kalyan Mandapam and a temple by (a) fixing and collecting the cost of the land  (b) giving it on long lease and fixing the amount of lease to be paid  (c) accepting alternate site of the same size within the locality in lieu of the site. The MCH says it is not in a position to give answers for lack of guidelines. Can you help ?  N V Rao


Ans :

HUDA cannot help in the matter. The details are not clear. From the question we infer that your Society had gifted 10% of the open space in the layout to the MCH-as required by the layout regulations. This is for park and play/ green area and cannot be used or converted for building use. The recent Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble High Court rulings are clear on these. Further, once the area is handed over to the MCH your Society has no locus standii over the land, which is a public property. Therefore, allotment of the land for Kalyan Mandapam would not be possible in the said land.


9. Question:

I have purchased a Plot of 200 sq.yds bearing No.98 in Sy.Nos.61,62,65,68/1,68/2,69,69/1,70,70/1,71,72,72/1,73,76,77,85,85/1,86,94,120,121,122 to 126 at Sreeram Nagar Colony, Puppalaguda (V), Rajendernagar(M), R.R.District on 08-08-1990 through Sale Deed (regd.Doc.N0.13763/90). It was bounded by Plot No.97 to North, Plot No.99 to South, lot No.79 to East and 60" road towards West. I paid post registration amounts in full towards Development and betterment charges etc in the Year 1990 itself. Now I intend to construct a house on the said plot.
Now, I came to know from the then G.P.A. Holder verbally that according to the revised layout plan submitted with Huda long back, Plot No.99 towards South was deleted and earmarked for a road and shown Plot No.98 as dead end towards south in the revised plan. Therefore, I request you to let me know:
a) whether the Revised Plan submitted by A P Secretariat
Employees Co-operative Society is approved and/or present stage?
b) Whether, I can go for construction of a house on my Plot No. 98
(Shown as dead end plot towards southern side in revised plan
submitted with Huda) M Kanwal Pershad


HUDA has not approved the said Revised layout Plan for the area in question. As you may be aware, there are problems between the layout applicant and the Association with regard to developments undertaken, change in the layout pattern and open spaces, etc. Unless these are sorted out between the two, no approval can be considered in the said area. Therefore no building approval can be considered until the area has valid layout approval. You can undertake house construction only after obtaining buildingpermission.

10. Question:

We have purchased a site in 1983 at Kudanpally village beside highway which goes to Keesara (RR district). My father used to pay  instalments to TPS housing Ltd and due to his sudden demise we paid the remaining in one instalment and got registered on my mother’s name in 1983 itself. Unfortunately we have not paid taxes since then as we are staying somewhere far this place. But now we heard that the son’s of that site owner are going to re-sale the same land claiming that we have not paid any taxes since 1983. Please suggest us what shall we do to keep safe of our land. We have got registered documents with us. Sai SudhakarHyderabad


You need to consult a lawyer and take up the same in court of law in the matter.

11. Question:

I am planning to buy a land measuring 5 acres under Survey No. 36/A/3 Village Gopanpally, Rajendernagar mandal, R District. Please let me know if I can purchase this land as an investment ?… Mohd. Abdul Waheed, Saudi Aramco,



The said area comes under the Cyberabad Development Authority area. The land cited by you is classified as Government land as per records available with us. We therefore do not advise you to venture into this. However, you need to confirm the current status from the Mandal Revenue Officer, Seri Lingampally Mandal 


12. Question:

I read an article in your esteemed daily stating that some extra permissions are required for registration of land in the Shamsabad area. We have taken plots from Lakshmi Mega City – Phase 2 at Narkhuda, Chowdury guda and Pedda Shapur villages. Are we permitted to register the plots ?

… Hari Krishna, Hyderabad



The said area of Narkhoda as well as Pedda Shahpur come   within the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and there is no valid layout approval in the above-mentioned sites. Further the area under reference comes within the 10 km prohibited area of Himayatsagar Catchment area wherein such residential colonies and layouts are not permissible. We understand that Government have given instructions not to register plots in such unauthorized layouts.


13. Question:

Can you update us on the status of Survey No. 1003-1005 in Kukatpally. Will the developer be given HUDA approval if all requirements are satisfied ? … C Srinivas, Hyderabad



The said site is earmarked for Residential Use in the statutory Zonal Developemnt Plan for Kukatpally wherein residential activities are permissible. The area comes in the core area of ULC limits and prior clearance from the Special Officer, ULC Authority would be needed.  Yes, HUDA would certainly accord development permission if all the technical and prima facie ownership requirements are met. The applicant has to apply in the prescribed Form with all details that are contained in the prescribed Form , or may approach the Building & Layout Scrutiny Committee on any working day to ascertain details.


14. Question:

Kindly guide me about registration with HUDA and information about the title as I am interested to buy the below mentioned land:

Pleasant Park

Promoters: Siri Malle Estates & saptagiri balaji Estates

Survey No. 3(P), 191, 192,199,200(P) of Hyderguda village: Survey Nos. 185, 186, 187, 189, 190 of Upperpally Village, rajendernagar mandal, HUDA File No. 6150/2001 … Dr. G. Chidambar Nath



HUDA has approved a residential layout for the above-mentioned Sy. Nos. after verifying the ownership titles for the said area. You may go ahead and register the plot in the saleable area of the said layout and after verifying the approved layout as well as on ground.


15. Question:

I have gone recently into a sale agreement of a house on a registered approved plot for a constructed (in 1984)) house in Sy. No. 274 of Malkajgirir Municipality. On checking I came to know that although plots A,B,C,D & E for regularization had been submitted in 1998 with fees Rs 4000, this house has not been regularized till date. Tax receipt has been paid till date & EC Certificate is available. On enquiry with TPO, I was informed that due to FTL this has not been regularized. What difficulties will be faced by me if I purchase the house ? Will the house be demolished by Municipality ? There are approximately 200 houses under construction under same area with people living. Please elucidate risks involved in purchase of house. … Meeth Maharana, Hyderabad



The said site is earmarked for Conservation Use in the statutory Zonal Development Plan and the layout is an unauthorized one. Further, the area is covered in the Full Tank Level of the Ramkrisnapuram  lake (Mukhidi Cheruvu), wherein residential activities are not prohibited. No permission can be given by the local Municipality in view of the above.

 Further, as per the recent Lakes and Trees Act, 2002 such areas are required to be protected by the local Municipality.

Inspite of the above, if you risk and venture into this area, the developments undertaken are liable for enforcement action by the local Municipality.


16. Question:

I intend to purchase plot no: 127 in survey numbers 466 and 467 at Dammaiguda, a hamlet of village Nagaram, mandal Keesara R.R. district. This plot is adjuscent to the temple. Kindly let me know whether this comes under HUDA's jurisdiction. If so, whether HUDA approval is there r not. I am told by the seller that it is under panchayath. If so what are the requirements for me to fulfill so that i can construct house on the said plot. V N Bhojane


The area of Dammaiguda comes within HUDA’s jurisdiction. The area is earmarked for Residential Useand is affected in the alignment of the Intermediate Ring Road in the statutory Zonal Developemnt Plan. As per our records, no layout has been obtained from HUDA for the said site. As stated above the said layout has to be got regularized. Then only house building approvals can be considered by the local authority. This would be a time consuming process. Hence we do not advise you to go for this.


17. Question: Allotment of L.I.G.  Plot NO-10
With reference to the above,I would like to inform you that the physical position was taken by me on 27/02/97.But the registration of the same remained pending.Now I request you to kindly confirm whether this plot can be transferred and registered in the name of third party directly. On  hearing from you I will comply with the necessary formalities required by you. An immediate communication would be highly appreciated.

- Manju BansalKalyan Nagar,



You have not given the complete location details. However,  the above direct third party registration cannot be allowed by HUDA. You may meet our Estate Officer for further details in this regard.

18. Question:

I have brought 266 sq yards of land from Boppana Constructions in Gajularamaram Village, Quthbullapur Mandal, R.R Dist. They named it as Mithila Nagar. It is quite near to Praghathi Nagar. The plot is under Survey No 307/E/5 (New Survey No. 307/2/5). The vendor has shown the following documents at the time of purchasing the land. No objection letter from MRO and the letter from HUDA showing the payment of development fees and mortagage of land to HUDA for the development of land. All the roads are 60 feet and 40 feet roads. I am planning to buy another land of 400 Sq. Yards in the same layout. Would you please confirm to me the status of the layout of that area. Would I get loan in future to construct a residence in that area. Vineesh Degapudi


HUDA has not approved the layout for the above-mentioned area as there is a court case pending. Therefore you may venture  for purchase of the said plot in this layout after the said layout is released by HUDA.

19. Question:

I live in the USA and have some agriculture lands at Shamsabad. We have been told to get pattedar passbooks for these. What is this and to whom do we approach for these? We would like to go in for a HUDA Project plot. When would HUDA be announcing or  notifying these? … Mahesh Nomula



We would be announcing  sites/plots of HUDA Projects and the terms and conditions shortly the information of  which would also be made available on our Web Site: www. hudahyd. org. You may therefore look forward to these.

Regarding the second part of your question, a pattadar passbook is given for agricultural purposes by the Revenue Department. You need to approach the local Mandal revenue Officer of Shamsabad Mandal in the matter.


20. Question:

We want to buy a plot in Akbarjah (V), under Alwal Municipality from a developer. He saysthe area does not come under HUDA and so  HUDA permission is not required and he can manage house permission from Alwal Municipality. So we need not worry about housing loan, etc. Can you clarify on this ? … Prasada Rao



The area very much comes under the purview of HUDA .What the real estate firm is stating and doing is not as per law of development requirements. Any site needs to have a valid layout approval before the local Municipality  (in this case Alwal Municipality) can consider individual building approvals in the  plots. The Municipality cannot accord building approvals in unauthorized layouts. So please do not take these for granted.


21. Question:

This is regarding a Change of land use in Sy no. 163 at Hydernagar from agriculture to residential use, where we have a piece of land.  What are the implications ? would the land be acquired by HUDA as a result of the Change of land use classification? … Dr. V B Sai Kumar



You are mistaken. Any change of land use in the statutory Master Plan is undertaken as per a statutory process. A change of land use implies that an area is to be utilized or developed for the said reclassified land use and the activities that are permissible as per zoning regulations for the said use. It does not imply that the lands so reclassified would be subject to compulsory acquisition by a public authority like HUDA. If any private land is required for land acquisition by a public authority like HUDA, it has to be done so under the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1984 and as per which notifications and notices would be issued and compensation as per the said  Act provisions would be paid.


22. Question:

I booked a plot at Jaybheri Park, Kompally. How long will it take to relese the Final layout ? … Goutham Sreenivasulu, Hyderabad



A tentative layout approval was given for the said venture by HUDA. The Final layout can be considered only after the developer complies with all the layout development conditions and specifications and applies accordingly to HUDA in the given time period. You may therefore take up the matter with the developer in this regard.


23. Question:

Please confirm whether Jawahar Nagar Colony in Moula Ali (near Eveready factory) is a HUDA approved layout and there is no hassle in proceeding with the transaction. Ramesh Babu, Secunderabad



This is not an approved layout of HUDA and as in all such cases, requires regularization through the Municipality and HUDA. However, this is an old existing colony and building permissions are being considered subject to the above condition of regularization by the Municipality. Therefore, there may not be hassle on this count.


24. Question:

Last week you stated that the layout venture of M/s  Janachaitanya Housing Ltd., at  Upperpally is an illegal one. But the said company has said that they had applied to HUDA and also paid the requisite fees and charges. How long will it take to clear the case?

 … Venkatram Reddy, Himayatnagar



The position in the matter remains unchanged as there is no response or compliance from the said applicant/developer till date. The fees and charges mentioned are levied at the time of scrutiny of any such development permission. The application was rejected for want of formation of the 12.2 mt (40 feet) wide black-topped approach road to the proposed layout site. The layout development works are allowed to be undertaken up only after approval and release of the tentative layout plan. You may therefore have to take up the issue with the developer only in the matter.


25. Question:

We have purchased plots in Sy Nos 78 to 82 at Kothapet (V) near the Musi River and have been told that a big road is being planned along the Musi River banks. Who can give us the details inthis regard? … Rajesh, Kothapet



There is no valid approved layout for the site. The proposed Nandavanam Project River drive road of  80 feet width is passing through this said site (which has been  surveyed and demarcated by the Quli Qutb Shah Urban development Authority (QQSUDA) on ground). Regarding the implementation of the said Musi River front road, you may approach the QQSUDA, Darul Shifa, in the matter.


26. Question:

 I and my friends  bought a plot at  NCL Homes, and Satyam Homes at Jeedimetla respectively. Can we go ahead and construct houses in these? Whom do we approach for permission ? …Phani Krishna



Both the layouts of NCL Homes, Jeedimetla as wellas Satyam Enclave have been Final Layout approval by HUDA. Therefore you may go ahead and buy plot in the above ventures. Regarding individual   house building permission in the plot, you need to apply to the Commissioner, Qutbullapur municipality  and need not approach HUDA for permission.


27. Question:

 We have purchased plots at Narhkoda and Pedda shapur in the venture floated by Madhupala Estates. Wecame across your Public Caution Notice on HADA area.Is it stillvalid ? What is the position of Madhupala Estates ventures now ? Can we get house permission in this? Is it coming in Urban Agglomeration ? … B Prahlad



The said area of Narkhoda as well as Pedda Shahpur come   within the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and there are  no valid layout approvals in the above-mentioned sites of M/s Madhupala estates. Further the area under reference comes within the 10 km prohibited area of Himayatsagar Catchment area wherein such residential colonies and layouts are not permissible. No development permissions are being entertained in the area. HADA has issued a Public caution Notice wherein the list of unauthorized layouts in the HADA area was published. The position or status of the layouts ventures mentioned of M/s Madhupala Estates remain unchanged. We understand that the Government as well as the Collector, RR District  have given instructions to the Registration Department not to register plots in such unauthorized layouts.

          The areas mentioned are outside the Urban Land Ceiling or urban agglomeration limits.


28. Question:

I am planning to construct a  nursing home at Attapur (V). Kindly brief me about the size of plot, location and building requirements for this.

 … Hasan MM



For a nursing home the optimum size of plot may be 1000 sq mts with the abutting approach road of 12.2 mt (40 feet) width and black topped. The building setbacks and other requirements are required  to be as per GO Ms. No. 423 MA Dt 31-7-1998. For a 1000 sq. mt plot, you are allowed a total built up area of 1500 sq mts + 30 % for common areas like corridors, staircase, etc. and the front setback has to be 9 mt (30 feet) and remaining sides with 6 mts (20 feet) for a height of 3 floors. The site can be in residential or commercial or in institutional use zone of the Master plan. Necessary building  permission has to be sought from HUDA. You are advised to seek the services of a qualified architect in the matter.



29. Question:

I have a piece of land at Janwada(V), Rajendernagar mandal,  and want to develop farm house layouts. But I am told that HUDA has stopped giving farm houses layout permissions. What is the way out ?... Satish Kumar Shah, Hyderabad



It is true that HUDA has stopped giving technical approval for Farm Housing layouts and Farm House permissions. You need to approach the Government for a Change of land use of your Survey Number to Residential Use and after which only necessary layout permission and building permission can be considered by HUDA.


30. Question:

I am planning to take a land and construct a house in Brundavan Nagar colony which is located near Trimulgherry area, The colony is located behind the Prudential bank Colony. Though there is currently no water supply from the Municipality in this colony I hear that soon MCH is going to supply water in this area. Is this land approved by HUDA  ? What do you suggest me if I am going to purchase this land ? I would even like to know the cost of per square yard in this location and the registration charges. It would b of great help if you can suggest which reliable companies do I approach to buy plots in anyone of the following locations: Trimulgherry, Alwal, Karkhana, Sainikpuri, Prudential bank Colony, Lal Bazar and within the radius of 8 km from Jubilee Bus station.  Prakash, Secunderabad



First part of your question – the area falls in the Cantonment area & outside HUDA’s jurisdiction. Therefore approach the Secunderabad cantonment Executive Officer for the validity of the layout and facilities to be provided by them Similarly, approach the   Registration Department , Bowenpally for the market value  and the registration charges.

For the second part of the question –you may approach HUDA for the details of approved layouts for the above-mentioned localities (other than Cantonment area), and approach the developers.


31. Question:

I wish to purchase a residential plot No 105 with Sy Nos 189, & 191 Durga Estate at Jeedimetla village., Qutbullapur. According to the layout it is deleted portion. Can you please tell us the status of the layout approval ? would you advise me to go ahead and buy a plot there ? Harish, Jeedimetla



HUDA has approved the final layout for the site is under refrence. You may therefore go ahead and book a plot in the approved plotted area of the said layout.


32. Question:

I am planning to buy  plot in Sy No. 47 of Guttala Begumpet. I am told that the area is now marked as Recreational zone in the Cyberabad Master Plan,  although a draft layout was approved by HUDA . Can we get house permission since it is a HUDA approved layout ? … K V Raghava Reddy, Hyderabad



You are correct. The area has been classified as recreational Zone in the statutory Master Plan for Cyberabad Development Area. The area comes under the FTL of the Durgam Cheruvu. Further, the Draft layout approval mentioned by you has been withdrawn by this Office. Regarding the type of developments and details of the same that is permissible in the Recreational Zone, you may kindly refer to the Development Control Regulations of Cyberabad available for sale in the Office of the Cyberabad Development Authority located in HUDA main office premises.


33. Question:

I bought plots with Sy Nos 185,186, 689,690 & 691 of Loheda Village, Hayatnagar Mandal from Janachaitanya Housing (P) Ltd, which according to them needs three more months to be registered. Please let us know the status of those plots.

S.Veeraswamy, Asifnagar



The area mentioned does not come under the jurisdiction of HUDA. You may approach the Director of Town & Country Planning, AC Guards, Hyderabad 4 in the matter.


34. Question:

My father intends ro gift me the open roof area of the single storied building at Mew Maruthinagar Colony, Kothapet which falls ubder thw L.B.Nagar Municipality. This one-storied building is presently registered in my father’s name. Could you please give me the procedure to be followed to register the said area in my name and also the Stamp Duty charges to be borne ? Venu Gopal, Hyderabad



Sorry, we cannot help as this comes under the purview of the Registration Department. Therefore kindly contact the concerned Sub-Registrar Office in the matter.


35. Question:

We have purchased a site at Raidurg Khalsa village, RR District, promoted by Janmabhoomi Pvt Ltd with Sy Nos 1,2,3 and 16. Can you kindly rell us whether the above and is approved by HUDA and if there is any proposal tp lay 60 feet road connecting the above-mentioned site to the Old Bombay highway in HUDA’s Master Plan ?

A.Chandrasekhar, Hyderabad



No layout has been approved by HUDA in the site mentioned by you. The developer has undertaken an unauthorized layout development. We therefore advise you not to go in for plots in such a venture.

Regarding the road reservation mentioned, the area is now covered by the Cyberabad Master Plan, in which no specific road reservation in the area mentioned has been earmarked.


36. Question: I stay abroad and am worried about the land I’ve bought in India. I’d bought 2000 sq yds of land with Sy Nos 96, 97 and 103 in Kuntloor village, Hayatnagar Mandal, RR district from Vasavi  Real Estate. It has’nt got the approval from HUDA yet. Can you please let me know the status of the  same ? Vajja Venkata Ramana


Ans;    No application has been received for approval of layout in the said site. As per the Statutory Master Plan the area under reference falls in Conservation Use Zone wherein residential colonies are not permitted. The owner therefore has to first seek a Change of land use for residential use from the Government (Municipal Administration & Urban Development Dept.) and then only approach for layout approval and development.


37. Question:

I wish to buy a residential plot in Survey No. 101/6, Nagole village, Taluk Hayathnagar, District Ranga Reddy. Kindly advise about the lay-out whether approved by HUDA or not. What is the Govt rate and the market rate in this area. Whether registration is possible immediately or there is a temporary ban on registration as of now. Nuprun, Hyderabad



HUDA has not approved any layout in the said site. Further, as per records available with us, this is a Government land. We therefore advise you not to venture into this.

For other details you may contact the Sub-Registrar, Uppal and the Mandal Revenue Officer, Uppal Mandal in the matter.


38. Question:

We have paid a substantial amount of money and plan to purchase plot nos 31 & 32, under Survey No.1/4, Hasmathpet, Balanagar Mandal, Kukatpally Municipality, developed by Lakshmi Bai and others. Kindly let us know whether the above plots are free from discrepancies and can we build houses immediately after purchasing the plots.S Janakiraman, Hyderabad



As per our records, a tentative Group Housing Scheme cum plotted development layout was approved on 9-9-1998  to the said applicant/developer. However, the developer has not come forward for the Final approval till date. The said tentative approval has lapsed on 8-9-2001 and the applicant was further informed on 8-7-2002 to apply afresh  in the matter. Hence houses permissions can be taken up only after a fresh  approval is obtained from HUDA. You may therefore have to take up the issue with the developer in this regard.


39. Question:

I have booked a duplex house in Attapur, a project launched by the Janapriya Engineers Syndicate in January, 2001. I paid an advance amount of Rs 25,000 towards booking. However, till now, there is no progress, like allotment of housing site, payment of further amount, etc., by the builders, saying that some approvals are pending with Huda. They have not taken any steps to construct the said houses in Attapur. The cost of the house is Rs 6.5 lakh. Kindly advise as to what I should do.
Vilma Prasad, Hyderabad



The said developer has applied for a Group Housing Scheme approval to HUDA for the above-mentioned site, and the same is under examination. The developer can proceed to undertake house construction activity only after the same is approved by HUDA. We advise you to wait till approval is given by HUDA.


40. Question:

I work abroad and would like to return and have a peaceful life. I would like purchase a small plot in agood location or a flat or readymade house. Can you guide me or can I purchase from HUDA ? Jayaprasad, United Arab Emirates


Ans :

Certainly HUDA can help! Firstly it depends upon the requirements, budget, and the location that you would prefer, viz., within MCH Area or outside MCH Area. If within MCH Area, you may get in touch with MCH or the various reputed real estate agencies/ builders for flat/apartment/readymade house who have approved and valid permission from MCH.

If outside area is preferred, you may get in touch with HUDA for HUDA plots which HUDA is Auctioning on 10th of May, 2002. If you prefer private layout plots, HUDA can give you the details of private layout developers to whom HUDA has given layout approvals/ layouts with constructed houses approvals. Similarly, HUDA can give details of builders/developers of approved Flats/ Apartments Complexes outside MCH area. So make up your mind accordingly, and if preferring HUDA auctioned plots hurry up ! For details and application form get in touch with HUDA immediately.


41. Question:

I am interested in buying a plot in Hyderabad directly from HUDA. If I am eligible to acquire a plot from HUDA,

(a)                          Would my income restrict the location/size of the plot

(b)                          Would the fact that I already co-own an apartment affect my application

(c)                          Would my current place of residence affect the application process

- Meena Sankara


Ans :

At the moment, HUDA is offering only auction plots in it’s various Schemes. You may participate in the HUDA Plots Auction scheduled to be held on 10th May, 2002. In the said HUDA Auction, none of the misgivings or restrictions that you mentioned in your letter would apply. You may procure the Application Form from HUDA Office and for other details.


42. Question:

We are the worst sufferers, hit by the real estate bulls in the year 1996-97. We had taken membership of Sripriya Real Estates Pvt. Ltd., located in Babukhan Estates.After we had paid all the mobthly instalments, we were told that our respective plots in the ventures will be allotted to us. But now, they don’t even have office in the above mention3ed premises. Please tell us what to do ?

… Rauf Saif, Hyderabad



You need to take up the matter with the Police as the above action of the said developer amounts to cheating and comes under the purview of Indian Penal Code.


43. Question:

Hi, I planned to purchase a third floor flat near Narayanguda area. I paid some advance to the Builder and he gave a receipt for it. When asked for the HUAD clearance, the Municipal permission and all other clearances, he showed us the municipal permission. He does not have permission for the third floor. He has permission for only ground + two floors. Since he has converted the ground floor for parking place, he says ground floor is applied to first floor and first floor is applied to second floor and second floor permission is applied to the third floor. I came to know that some people who have purchased flat from this builder, have registered the flat in their name. My first question is : does registration not require any approval or even Municipal permission? My second question : Is there any way to regularize this, if so, what needs to be done (do we need to wait till the GO to regularise the construction comes) because when I asked him to get it regularized he says it is not possible now, we need to wait till the GO comes.

… Shasidhar Kache, Hyderabad



In the MCH area all building permissions are given by MCH and HUDA does not come in the picture. This is as per the Government policy. If the building has not been approved for flats then we would not advise you to venture into this. However, you should enquire with the Asst. City Planner, MCH, Circle 3 for the actual details. All flats/apartments which are put for sale require permission of the MCH or Municipality. This is also a prerequisite for obtaining house  loan from any loan agency.

Regarding the second part of your question, there is no Government Order in force regarding regularization of buildings and deviations. In fact, the present GOMs No. 423, MA, Dt. 31-7-1998 in force, mandates the MCH to take action against such violations and deviations in building constructions.


44. Question:    

I read an article in the Times of India that Government are contemplating to reduce the prohibited area of the Himayatsagar Catchment. We have a plot in one of the layouts at Narkhoda as well as Pedda Shapur being developed by M/s GPR Housing Pvt. Ltd.. Will these be registered in view of the above decision?

… Hari Krishna, Hyderabad



The said area of Narkhoda as well as Pedda Shahpur come   within the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and there is no valid layout approval in the above-mentioned sites. Further the area under reference comes within the 10 km prohibited area of Himayatsagar Catchment area wherein such residential colonies and layouts are not permissible. We understand that Government have given instructions not to register plots in such unauthorized layouts.


45. Question:

This is with reference to the  Public Caution Notice issued by HADA on unauthorized layouts in Shamsabad area. We have come to know through the layout developer that the areas especially Jukal and surroundings coming in the Himayatsagar Catchment are going to be regularized. Can you enlighten us on this ?

…Sreekanth, Hyderabad


Ans :

The said area of Jukal falls within the jurisdiction of the Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA) and there is no valid layout approval in the above-mentioned site. Further the area under reference comes within the 10 km prohibited area of Himayatsagar Catchment area wherein such residential colonies and layouts are not permissible. As far our information goes, there is no such move contemplated for regularization or modifying the prohibited area falling in the Himayatsagar lake Catchment area. The developer is simply conning you and misleading you. 


As stated in the Public Caution Notice we had advised not to go in for  such ventures. We would again reiterate and advice  to desist from buying in  such ventures. Therefore the decision to either keep the land or taking your money back is entirely yours.


46. Question:

I have purchased a land ininstalments from GPR Millenium Meadows. It is situated near Pedda Shapur village at Shamsabad along Hyderabad-bangalore National Highway measuring 200 sq. yards. After paying the allotment fees, this Public caution Notice on unauthorized layouts came to my notice. In that Notice, GPR Housing Pvt. Ltd. Has also been marked for developing which were not approved by the Directorate of own Planning. When I asked the Company, I was told that the plots would be authorized within six months. Kindly let me know whether that information is correct. If no such thing is going to happen, what should I do ? … Sheriyar, Hyderabad.


Ans :

We have no knowledge whether any such regularization is being done or contemplated for those areas covered in the HADA Public Caution Notice either by the Director of Town and Country Planning or the Governemnt. Regarding the answer to the other part of your question, you have to take up the issue with the developer. HUDA or HADA can’t be of any help in this regard.


47. Question:

I purchased a flat in Ranfa Prasad Enclave, Vinayak Nagar, Gachi Bowli, Hyderabad. The builder without obtaining permission from the falt owners allowed the Tatas ro erect a tele-tower on the sixth floor of our Apartment Complex. We objected to that but he is not willing to remove it. He has actually leased out the open area and is getting a huge amount towards maintenance charges. Please guide us inthis regard. It has become a source of botheration.

…Rugmini Padmanagan, Hyderabad.



The Government has given special exemptions for such tele-tower facilities. However, These are subjected to certain specific conditions, one of these being that tehconsent of the owners has to be obtained by the service provider. Since in your case it appears that the builder/owner (who has no locus standi once he sells the flats and common areas of the Apartemnt Complex) has not consulted you all, you may therefore take up the issue with the service provider.


48. Question:

I would like to set up a petrol station on the Nagarjunasagar Highway at Turka Yamjal (V). Please tell me the procedure for seeking permission from HUDA.  … Chinmaya Reddy, Abids



The permission procedure for petrol station, cinema theratre, storage of explosives, etc., are well established and originate at the District Collectorste Office. You have not mentioned tehbexact site location. Firstly, givingbthe site details, ascertain from HUDA whwther treh proposed activity is permissible as per the Statutory Master Plan. If permissible, apply in the prescribed format through the Oil Company to the District Collector, RR District with all prticulars, requiste plans and drawings, etc.The Collectorate issues the licence/permisionafter clearance from HUDA, the Police department, R&B Department and the Revenue department. Based on this, building permission has to be sought from HUDA, which releases it through the local authority.


49. Question

I wish to buy a plot in the layout of Golden Heights in Sy. No. 160, 161 of Budvel (V) and Sy. No. 45 of Upperpally (V). can I go ahead in this venture?

KS Babu Mohan, Ameerpet.



Yes, you can go ahead in this venture as this is a HUDA approved layout. But as we have stated earlier, verify from the approved layout plan to ensure that the site is not part of an open space or non-buildable area of the alyout- and such areas are distinctly marked on ground.


50. Question

Several real estate companies are luring gullible public into buying their plots, claiming they have approval or clearance from HUDA. How can we check these and other aspects of ownership?

S. Raghava Rao, Somajiguda



Before buying the plot, ensure that it is part of a valid layout from HUDA. Also check whether it is earmarked for plots and does not form part of the layout open spaces. On the registration aspect, obtain a Non-Encumberance Certificate from the Revenue Authority/Registration Departemnt to avoid legal complications, problem of double registrations, registration in prohibited areas, etc.



(Compiled from “ASK HUDA” Column of the Deccan Chronicle that comes regularly on every Fridays)


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