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  HUDA Regulation  

The Master Plan and Zonal Plans prescribe the land use and transportation network. Building and Zoning Regulations form part and parcel of the above plans in implementing the specific objections and the development control.

Though HUDAs statutory jurisdiction is confined to the H.M.A, because of its expertise in handling problems of the largest and capital city of Andhra Pradesh the State Government has traditionally used HUDA to formulate urban development policies and to carry out studies for the entire state. 

HUDA has therefore produced major study reports in the following areas:

  • Building and Zoning Regulations 

  • Conservation of lakes and water bodies

  • Conservation of Historical Buildings and areas.

  • Preservation of trees.

The 1998 zoning regulations notified by the govt. of AP carry several new provisions. The following are the suggestions made by HUDA. 

  • Abolition of the provision of relaxing regulations

  • Exempting small buildings on less than 100 Sq.m plots from approaching local bodies for prior permission.

  • Licensing architects to grant building process on plots upto 300 sq.m.

  • Requiring recharging of ground water in all buildings.

Hyderabad is the second city in India after Mumbai to bring into force HUDA regulations. 137 Heritage Buildings and 9 Heritage precincts (rocks) were notified for protection in 1998.


The Hyderabad Urban Development Authority is functionally  a referral authority for development permissions. While all day-to-day cases like individual residential building permissions are delegated to the respective local bodies, certain planning control powers are vested with HUDA like layout developments, Group Housing Schemes, all non-residential permissions, etc, which the HUDA entertains directly and technically approves such development permissions and forwards the technically approved plans to the local authority concerned for sanction, monitoring and enforcement.

The Table below summarises the procedure for obtaining various types of developemnt permission approvals in the HUDA Area:

Sl. No.

Type of Development/Permission

Whom to apply




Individual Residential Building permission

Local Body, viz., MCH, Mauniciapitry, Gram Panchayat concerned

As per HUDA Delegation of Powers to local bodies


Residential Apartment Complexes (Upto Stilt + 5  Floors)


Permissions will be released through the local body concerned


Multi-storeyed buildings


Permissions will be released through the local body concerned


Commercial /Shopping Complexes, & other buildings like educational, Institutional, etc


Permissions will be released through the local body concerned


Industrial Buildings

Single Window Clearance Committee(SWCC)  O/o Commissioner of Industries/ District Industries Centre.

 HUDA will give only the technical approval for the cases referred to by the SWCC.

Permissions will be released through Single Window Clearance Committee


No Objection Certificates for Petrol Stations, Cinema Theaters, LP Gas godowns, etc

Through the Collector concerned

NOC will be released through the Collector concerned


Appeal to HUDA Board cases (NOC) as per zoning regulations, etc.)


Has to apply for building permission/layout permission to HUDA subsequently.



Layout development


Final layout released through local body


Plot sub-division, plot amalgamation, etc


Released through local body concerned


Group Housing Schemes


Final approval released through local body


Change of land Use cases

HUDA/ Government

Has to apply for building permission/layout permission to HUDA subsequently.

Requirements & check list for applications in huda:

  • Copy of ownership documents and Urban Land Ceiling Clearance Certificate or Affidavit where applicable and One Link Document copy of ownership to be submitted. All copies of documents are to be attested  by a Gazetted Officer mentioned below.
  • Existing Black Topped Approach Road of minimum 12.2 mt ( 40 feet) with 7.0 mt carriageway is a pre-requisite for permitting any development permission for all types of cases mentioned in A) and B) below.
  • All applications are to be submitted to the Building and Layout Scrutiny Committee in HUDA on any working day from 11.00 to 1.00 PM.

A)    Building Applications(SI.nos 2 to 5 of above Table)  

To be applied in Form-B and the Check-List duly filled in and signed with Building Plans (Details given in Application Form-B given under “ Building Permissions” in this Web Site)

B)    Layout Development Applications:

  • To be applied in Form-A and the Check-List duly filled in and signed with proposed Layout Plan (details given in Application Form-A given under “ Layout Permissions” in this Web Site)
  • In case of layouts with type design houses development/ Group Housing layouts, the building plans of the houses /Group Housing are to be submitted as per similar requirement mentioned in A) above.

C)    Plot Sub-Division/Amalgamation  Cases:

To be applied in Form-D and the Check-List duly filled in and signed along with the  proposed Sub-Division Plan (details given in Application Form-D)

D)    No Objection Certificate (NOC) Cases:

To be applied in Application Form-C and the Check List filled in or submitted through the District Collectorate concerned as the case may be,  with required Plan and details.

E)    Change of Land Use cases:

To be applied in prescribed form with required Plans and details.

F)     Land Use Information Certificates:

To be applied in prescribed form along with site plans details, etc and fees as prescribed.

The details on fees and charges and Application Forms/Formats are available in “ For Citizens and Applicants” of this Web Site.

For applications and permissions within the MCH area, the stipulations of Bhagyanagar Zoning Regulations, 1981, the MCH Building Bylaws, 1981, the Hyderabad Multi-storeyed Building Regulations, 1981 and the GOMs No. 423 MA, Dt. 31-7-1998 apply and applicants are required to apply directly to MCH for necessary approvals and permissions.

The development stipulations applicable for areas outside the MCH area are as follows:

1). 6-3-1190, Green Lands Guest House, Begumpet, Hyderabad -500016. Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Tel: +91-40-23400682, 23400683/684/685 Fax: +91-40-23400683. E-Mail : hyd2_hudahyd@sancharnet.in
2). Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Building, North Zone,
West Marreddpally, Secunderabad.
3). District Commerical Complex, HUDA Building, Tarnaka, Hyderabad - 500007.
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