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  HUDA Regulation  


    1. Maximum permissible FAR : Refer relevant Statement.
    2. Maximum plot coverage :

    Plot area in Sq.mtrs.

    Maximum permissible coverage

    (a) Below 500

    As per minimum building setbacks as at item 4 below.

    (b) 500 & below 2000


    (c) 2000 & above

    1000 sq.mtrs. or 40% of the plot area whichever is higher.

  1. Minimum abutting road width for allowing commercial Building is as follows:
  2. i) Not applicable for sites ear marked as commercial Use zone in Master Plan/Zonal

    Development Plan.

    ii) In future Commercial complexes shall be permitted on minimum road width of 12 mtrs., for

    sites upto 1000 sq. mtrs. and 18 mtrs. for sites above 1000 sq.mtrs.

  3. Building setback requirements:

i) For Commercial Buildings upto 300 Sq.mtrs. plot area and upto 10.0 sq.mtrs. height.

    1. Minimum front setback: As per Building line i.e.

    Width of abutting road in Mtrs.

    Minimum set back in Mtrs.

    Upto 12.0


    12.0 and upto 18.0


    Above 18.0


  1. Minimum setbacks on remaining sides:

Plot size in Sq.mtrs.

Minimum setback in Mtrs.



Up to 50



50 and upto 100



100 and upto 150



150 and upto 200



200 and up to 300



ii) For Buildings above 300 Sq.mtrs. plot area and height upto 10 mtrs. minimum building setbacks:

Front (Mtrs.)

Rear (Mtrs.)

Sides (Mtrs.)

Up to 12.0 road.

12.0 and up to

18.0 Mtrs.


Above 18.0

Mtrs. Road.

3.00 3.00

4.00 3.00

6.00 3.00

  1. 1/4th of plot width with 1.5 mtr. On one side.


b) Where 1/4th of side setback is more than 6.0 Mtrs. minimum of 3.0 Mtrs. on each side.





    1. For commercial building above 300 Sq.mtrs. Plot area and above 10 mtrs. height.

In addition to the setbacks prescribed above there shall be an increase of

10 mtrs. on all sides for every increase of 3.0 mtrs. height of the building above

10.0 mtrs.

5. Parking:

Type of Building

One Car parking space of 20 Sq.mtrs. area

For every;

  1. Mercantitle Lodgings, Tourist Houses, Hotels with

Lodging and Restaurants.

80 Sq.mtrs. built up area or fraction thereof.


i) In case of commercial or office cum commercial buildings the following are permissible

    1. on site parking may be considered in the front setback where such setback shall not be less than 6 mtrs., such parking area will have to be marked on the site.
    2. In plots, with an area of 1000 Sq.mtrs. and above, basement/stilt or basement + one stilt will be

Permitted for parking. The basement for parking shall be constructed within the building line (for safety purpose), have a minimum ramp width of 3.6 mtrs. and minimum slope of 1 in 8 for clear ingress and egress of vehicles.

(c) In plots, with an area of 2000 Sq.mtrs and above, basement/basement + one stilt/basement + two stilts/ basement + first floor shall be permitted for parking. The basement shall not extend beyond the front building Line. The basement can extend upto 1.5 mtrs. from boundary walls on the other three sides. The ramp shall have a minimum width of 3.6 mtrs., minimum slope of 1 in 8 and shall be within the building line. (for safety purpose).

7. Others: (A) U Type Development.

As an encouragement for developing U type Commercial complexes the setbacks of sides

And rear, excluding the front setback, can be reduced provided:

    1. The area so saved is transferred to the central area/space or court yard.
    2. The minimum open space on sides and rear except front shall be 1.5 mtrs.
    3. Minimum plot size for permitting such development shall be 500 Sq.mtrs.


(B) Shopping Malls: Shopping malls will be permitted in plots 2000 Sq.mtrs. and above

with common areas of 40% of permissible F.A.R.

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2). Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Building, North Zone,
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3). District Commerical Complex, HUDA Building, Tarnaka, Hyderabad - 500007.
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