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Occupancy Certificate Procedure:

The Applicant has to submit an online application for Occupancy Certificate after completion of construction of building and shall also upload the following documents:
1)Building completion notice certified by the architect.
2)PDF drawing as per the construction
3)Declaration cum Undertaking on Rs.100/- Non Judicial Stamp Paper duly signed by the Owner, Builder, Architect & Structural Engineer
4)Photographs of the building.

The Technical Officer will scrutinize the drawing and submit the site inspection report in online prescribed format duly identifying the deviations if any. Further calculates the compounding charges if deviations were observed i.e., only up to 10% of the sanctioned plan.
After scrutiny the file will be forwarded to the higher officials (Planning Officer/Chief Planning Officer and Director) and send to Metropolitan Commissioner for final approval
After approval, the Director will issue the Occupancy Certificate and 10% mortgaged area will be relinquished.

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Step wise Procedure for Occupancy Certificate

Inspection Checklist for Occupancy Certificate

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