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Development Permission Procedure

The applicant has to apply online by registering with HMDA in DPMS Website and apply for Development Permission.
Common Application Form

Common Undertaking

Applicant/Architect has to enclose the Required Documents along with the online application.

Once the file is submitted online along with the above documents the File will be simultaneously forwarded to the Title Officer, Scrutiny Officer and site inspector.

Initially the Title Scrutiny Officer will scrutinize and forward the application along with the observations and remarks to the scrutiny officer. Site inspector who is randomly selected by the computer will inspect the site as per the procedure prescribed and submits the reports within a week and forwards the file to technical scrutiny officer

Technical scrutiny officer will scrutinize and forward the application to the planning officer along with the remarks and observations.

At the level of Planning Officer / CPO will notify shortfalls if any to the applicant within 3 days or else forwards the application to the Director for further action. The applicant has to comply the shortfalls within given time prescribed in the notice, otherwise the application will be rejected

Upon submission of shortfall documents, the application will move to the concerned Director for perusal and further action. Even at this stage also if there are any shortfalls noticed, the director is authorized to issue 2nd Shortfall Notice.

Upon satisfying the compliance of all parameters Director recommends the file to Metropolitan Commissioner for approval/rejection/ for raising of 3rd shortfall.

All MSB files, Gated community layouts & Layouts above 25 Acres will be directly routed to the CPO bypassing the Planning Officer

The Metropolitan Commissioner may Approve/Reject/Return the file for compliance of shortfalls if any. After approval of the file by MC, the Director will issue the fee intimation letter along with the conditions and inform the applicant to pay the Requisite Charges and to comply the conditions if any in the DC letter.

On compliance of payment of required fee, conditions and mortgage, the digitally signed Proceedings & Drawings are issued from the concerned Director.

The applicant if so desired can avail the instalment facility while filling the application in the initial stage itself

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Common Application

Common Undertaking

Required Documents to be enclosed for filing Online

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