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Click the map to enter The Metropolitan Development Plan-2031

     The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) was formed by an Act (GO Ms. No. 570 MA dt: 25-08-2008) of the Andhra Pradesh Legislature in the year 2008, with an area of 7,100 sq km under its purview. It is the 2nd largest urban development area in India, after the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (8,005 sq km). (Know more about the history of Hyderabad here)

   HMDA was formed by the merging of the following erstwhile entities: Hyderabad Urban Development Authority (HUDA), Hyderabad Airport Development Authority (HADA), Cyberabad Development Authority (CDA) and Buddha Poornima Project Authority (BPPA).

   HMDA was set up for the purposes of planning, co-ordination, supervising, promoting and securing the planned development of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. It coordinates the development activities of the municipal corporations, municipalities and other local authorities, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board, the Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation, the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, and other such bodies.

   The HMDA also maintains and manages the Hyderabad Management Development Fund, allocating finances based on the plans and programs of local bodies to undertake development of amenities and infrastructure facilities.

   HMDA has 4 zonal offices, located in Medchal, Shankerpally, Ghatkesar and Shamshabad. Click here for the addresses of the zonal offices.

  ** Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of the Multi Media Laser Show for 66 Months at Lumbini Park , Hyderabad on Turnkey Basis **
** Click Here for details **     ** The maps of lakes for which FTL Survey is Completed. (50Lakes) Lake Complaint Cell Toll Free No: 1800 425 88 38.**
  ** Suggest/feedback on the masterdata of lake Identified in hmda. Lake Complaint Cell Toll Free No: 1800 425 88 38 **
  ** LIST OF LAKES IN HMDA AREA. Lake Complaint Cell Toll Free No: 1800 425 88 38**

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HMDA Jurisdiction Map

       HMDA Act-2008 e-Book     HMDA List of Villages

Blacklist Contractors
Layout/Building permissions Information
List of Burnt Files of Shankerpally Zonal office
DTCP Approved Layouts in HMDA Jurisdiction
Metropolitan Development Plan-2031 for Hyderabad Metropolitan Region
Revised Development Plan(Master Plan)of erstwhile MCH area (HMDA Core area)
Masterplan HUDA
Masterplan CDA
Masterplan HADA

GOI Guidelines For Affordable Housing

Environmental Building Guidelines

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