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IBPC Approved Layouts Below 4000sqmts

Industrial Building Permission Charges for Approved Layouts Below 4000 SQ. MTS Site Area

1. Development charges for Total plot / Total sitearea: Total plot area/ total site area : x Rs.60/- per sq.m 1. G.O.MS.NO. 223.MA &UD,Dt: 30/08/2016
2. O.O.No:5425/Policy/P8/Plg/ HMDA/2011 Dt:10/05/2013
2. Development charges for Total built up area: Total Built up area x Rs.100/- per sq.m
3. Processing charges for Total built up area: Total Built up area x Rs.25/- per sq.m 1. O.O.No:5425/Policy/P8/Plg/ HMDA/2011.Dt:10/05/2013
2. Proc.NO:2419/P8/Plg/HMDA/2012,.Dt:21/03/2012
4. Publication charges : Rs.5000/- O.O.No:11111/P8/HUDA/97, Dt:18/08/1999
5. Plot amalgamation/plot subdivision charges, (if the proposal is having more than one plot or if the plot is subdivided) Consolidation charges applicable @ Rs.10/- per sq.m or minimum of Rs.10,000/-(whichever is greater) O.O.No:2419/P8/Plg/HMDA/2012, Dt:04/08/2012
6. If the work commenced on the the ground, 33% Compounding fee shall be levied Andhra Pradesh Ordinance No:15 of 2007, Dt:15/12/2007
7. If Not Paid within the stipulated period to levy 10% interest per annum shall be collected for delay of payment O.O.No:13148/MP2/HMDA/2008, Dt: 25/07/2009
8. Environment Impact Fee: (If built up area is more than 10,000 sft) Total Built Up Area and Allied services @ Rs. 3/- per Sq. ft 1. G.O.Ms.No. 8, dt. 24.02.2016

2. As per Letter No. 7022/M.I(1)/2016,.dt. 27.07.2016

3. Minutes of the Meeting of M.C., HMDA. held on 02.02.2017
9. Processing Charges for revision of proposals : First Revision 15% , 2nd revision 20% ,3rd revision 25% and Subsequent Revision 25% Plus 10% for each subsequent revision. O.O.No:8333/P8/Plg/HMDA/2012, Dt: 03/07/2013
10. FSID Charges (Fire Service Infrastructure Development) : Total Built up area x Rs.3/- per sq.m from 12.0 mtrs height to 15.0 mtrs and Rs.5/- per Sq. mtr for above 15 mtrs to 30 mtrs. and Rs. 10/- for above 30.0 mtrs height Proc.NO:2297/misc/CDA/2006, Dt: 30/04/2006
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