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HMDA caters to the environment upgradation of Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Area by developing and supplying various types of nursery seedlings for multiple urban uses like ornamental plants, shade bearing plants, fruit bearing plants, fodder and fuel needs of the urban and peri urban population.

About 10 central nurseries are maintained by the Urban Forestry Wing all around HMA area.

Nursery Locations

S.No. Location
1 Mental Hospital Campus, Erragadda
2 Airforce Station Land, Hakeempet
3 Pedda Cheruvu, Nacharam
4 Bomrukdowla, Rajendranagar
5 Vanasthalipuram
6 Cherlapalli
7 Yapral
8 Shamshabad
9 Tellapur
10 Kapra

No of Species: About 27 species are being raised in HMDA Nurseries

Type of Nurseries

Tall Plant Nursery

HMDA specializes in raising more than 20 species of ornamental shade bearing and multiple use tall plants of 2-3 Mtrs and 18 months
old to the needs of the urban planting.

6”x12” bag culture Nursery:

Shade bearing, fruit bearing and ornamental seedlings are being raised for planting in open areas, wastelands, parks etc.
This plants will attain height of about 1 mtr at the time of planting.

Ornamental Nursery:

To meet the demands of various parks , gardens and landscape needs of HMDA and ornamental shrubs, hedges, climbers etc
are raised in HMDA’s Central Nurseries in 5”x5” size bag plants and about 6-8 months old.

Horticulture Nursery:

HMDA is developing high yielding grafts of different verities of mango, amla, pomegranate, sapota, seethaphal, Jamun, acid lime
and tamarind. The grafts are established through approach, bud and vaneer grafting techniques. The scientific management of Scion
Bank yields about 50,000 grafted seedlings per annum.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

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