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One Day One / Two Lakh Plantation

HMDA / HUDA was taken up massive plantation activity in and around the Hyderabad Development Area by adopting innovative approaches. One among those is “One Day One Lakh Plantation” activity. In this programme one lakh seedlings are planted in a single day .The uniqueness of the program is ensuring the community participation there by ensuring the ownership and Sustainability. The unique program has gained wide acceptance and continuing over the years.

Chronology of One Day One Lakh / Two Lakh Plantation Programme:

Year Date Main site & others
1997 26.8.1997 Hakeempet Air Force Station, Hakeempet and 13 other sites
1998 10.9.1998 BHEL, Ramachandrapuram and 15 other sites
1999 10.9.1998 Air Force land at Dever Yamjal and 5 other sites
2000 17.7.1999 H.M.T., Balanagar and 6 other sites
2001 21.8.2001 Dulapally Reserve Forest land, Dulapally and 5 other sites
2002 06.9.2002 Ponnal Reserve Forest land, Ponnal and 5 other sites
2003 06.8.2003 Nomula Reserve Forest land, and 4 other sites
2004 26.7.2004 Gandiguda Reserve Forest land, and 6 other sites
2005 9.8.2005 Meenajipet Reserve Forest land and 3 other sites
2006 10.08.2006 Ordance Factory land and 3 other sites
2007 29.8.2007 Defence land, Kowkoor and 5 other sites
2008 22.8.2008 Air Force Academy, Dundigal, and 3 other sites
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