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Location Advantages

One of the most well-connected areas in Hyderabad that is also seeing significant growth in the multipurpose real estate market is BAHADURPALLY. With a social infrastructure that is steadily growing, BAHADURPALLY is now a modern township that is well connected to the rest of the city. Lots of new multipurpose / residential projects Villa & Gated communities buy Aparna, Ashola Builders, Palm Meadows Park etc. Educational and Employment hubs like Oakridge International School, DRS International School, Malla Reddy College of Eng. & Technology, Tech Mahindra Research Center, and Textile park are in the vicinity of the proposed BAHADURPALLY Layout. The nearest ORR connectivity is Dundigal X road (Exit no.5) 8km away.

Highlights of the Bahadurpally Layout

Beautiful Life @ Bahardupally Surrounded by Nature​

  • Encumbrance free – 100% encumbrance free land with clear title owned by Government
  • Approach and internal roads– Black Topped Roads with footpath and kerb on either side, central medians etc
  • Power – dedicated electrical power supply with electrical lines and street lighting
  • Water supply – Water supply distribution network connecting to the Metro Krishna Water Supply
  • Sewerage – Sewerage pipe line system for the all the plots.
  • Greenery and Landscaping – Avenue Plantation, Greenery & landscaping in all open spaces and parks.

E-Auction Schedule

Bahadurpally layouts - Beautiful Life @ Bahardupally Surrounded by Nature​

Schedule of E-Auction for Plots Project Details

S.No Item of Work Details
1 Date of Notification 14.02.2022
2 Last date and time for registration: 10.03.2022 upto 05:00 PM
3 Registration Fee: Rs. 1,180/- inclusive of GST (non refundable)
4 Last date for payment of Pre-Bid EMD 11.03.2022 upto 5.00pm
5 Name of the website where to access and participate in the e-Auction 1.
6 Website to access the Notification
7 Date and time of e-Auction
Date: 14.03.2022 Date: 15.03.2022

9:00 AM to 12.00 PM
Plot No. 1 to 25

2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Plot No. 26 to 50

9:00 AM to 12.00 PM
Plot No. 51 to 75

2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Plot No. 76 to 84 & Plot No. 205 to 221

8 Pre-Bid Meeting Date: 23.02.2022 & 04.03.2022 at 11.00 AM,
Venue to be notified in
9 Site visit by Bidders Contact facilitation centre at the site on all days
10 Organized Site visits to the prospective bidders 18-02-2022 and 07-03-2022
11 Minimum Upset price per Sqyd Rs.25,000/- per Sq. Yard
12 Minimum bid increment Rs.500/- per Sq. Yard or multiples thereof
13 Intimation to the Highest bidder After completion of e-Auction
14 Offer and acceptance of Highest Bid/ Successful Bidder Within one week after intimation to H-1 Bidder
15 Pre-Bid EMD amount
Sl No Amount Period
1 Up to 600 Sq.yds 3,00,000/-
2 Above 600 Sq.yds 5,00,000/-
16 For Site visit and queries Contact Smt. Santhosi, Tahsildar (AO), EMU, HMDA
Ph. No. 91548 43213 , Email:

Sri. D. Srikanth Reddy
, Dy. Tahsildar, E.M.U, HMDA
Ph. No. 9989661289, Email: /
17 Contact Person for Registration Process

Sri. Anurag
Ph. No. +91 91770 67332,  Email:

Sri. Dhananjay
Ph. No. + 91 96505 54645, Email:

18 For Downloading Brochure badhurpally scan img

Note: for further information please refer to special Terms and conditions 

Payment Schedule upon Confirmation of the Allotment

S.No Installment Amount Payable Payable by If not paid within stipulated time
(mentioned in col. no 4)
1 First Installment (Initial Deposit) Minimum 25% of Sale Value excluding EMD. Within 07 Days EMD shall be forfeited
2 Second Installment 75% of Sale Value Including EMD. Within 90 Days (From the date of e-Auction) EMD + First Installment shall be forfeited.

Payment on Installments:-

In case the successful bidder wants to avail the installment facility, he / they shall pay the following interest for the 2 nd & final installment:
  1. with 10% of simple interest per annum upto 180 days excluding period of due date
  2. Failure on payment of the installments along with interest before due date shall forefiet the EMD + 1 installment.
    HMDA will issue NOC for obtaining Loans from Banks subject to sanction to the respective Banks and forward the registered sale deed directly to the Bank
  3. Conveyance of the plot through a registered Sale Deed / Conveyance Deed will be made by the Estate Officer or the officer designated by the Metropolitan Commissioner HMDA on the name of Applicant / Bidder / Company / firm only at the cost and their expenses after payment of the full sale price and any other dues or such further time as may be, failing which the sale confirmation shall stands cancelled without further notice besides forfeiture of EMD, Initial deposit and any other amounts till then paid and the HMDA will be at liberty to initiate necessary action as deems fit.
  4. Registration: The stamp duty and Registration charges and other fees if any shall be borne by the successful bidders.
  5. Grievance and Redressal: The Metropolitan Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority is the Grievance Redressal Officer / Authority. Upon his decision, an appeal lies to Government.
  6. Power to cancellation of e-Auction: The Metropolitan Commissioner, Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority or Government is the final authority for cancellation of e-Auction.
  7. All disputes arising out of or in relation to or in connection with the auction, allotment or any other subject touching the plots in any manner whatsoever either directly or indirectly shall be subject to and confined to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Hyderabad alone as the case may be.
  8. The successful bidder is solely responsible for watch & ward, protection of the auctioned plot from the date of handing over of the plot.
  9. All statutory formalities and procedure shall be adhered to and observed strictly by the successful bidder.

For registrations please follow below instructions

  1. To Register
  2. To Upload Documents
  3. To Pay Registration Fee
  4. Pre Bid Manual Download
  5. To Pay Pre-Bid EMD
  6. e-Auction Manual Download
  7. To Login and Participate
  8. In case of Joint applicants not exceeding five individuals incl. Managing Partner, have to submit a deed of declaration cum undertaking authorizing one of the persons for the bidding purpose on Non-Judicial stamp paper of Rs 100.00 Download
You are requested to check the e-auction Brochure, plot details & layout to plan and attend the sessions accordingly.

How to Participate In E-Auction

Bahadurpally Layout​

  1. One PC (Computer with Internet connection)
  2. Valid Email address.
  3. Registration with (
  4. Payment of Pre Bid EMD.
Operating System:
  1. Windows 7 and above.
  2. IE-10 and above internet browser.
  3. To enable all active X controls and disable “use pop up blocker” under Tools – Internet — Options — custom level and protected mode to be turned off/ disabled.
Note and Caution:
  1. In case PC or Internet connection is not there the website can be accessed from any cyber cafe.
  2. Bidders may encounter certain unforeseen problems such as time lack, heavy traffic and system / power failure at the bidder’s side. To avoid losing out on the bidding because of the above mentioned reasons, it is advised to have reliable internet connection and ICT equipment and not to wait for the last moment for submitting the bid.
Note: In case PC or Internet connection is not available the website can be accessed from any cyber cafe
  1. Visit
  2. Click on HMDA e-auction under the heading Property E-auction on left hand side.
  3. Click on Register as bidder.
  4. Select Company Type from the drop down against the field ‘Company Type’
  5. Select the option “Individual” from the dropdown in the field “company type”, if registering as an individual OR else as applicable.
  6. Enter Individual’s name in the field “company type” or name of the company if registering as a company. For bidding in joint names option “Group of Members/consortium” may be selected for registration. Name of the managing partner in case of partnership and name of the Head of the family(Karta), if registering as HUF is to be entered. PAN No. & Account no. of the Individual will be required to be entered when registering as an individual. If registering in the form of Partnership against a notarized partnership deed (On stamp paper of Rs 100.00, Format for Deed is available as an Annexure) or HUF, PAN No & Account no. of the Managing Partner and Head of the family(Karta), respectively will be required.Partnership deed on stamp paper of Rs 100.00 is o be uploaded from the buyers login. Details entered at the time registration have to compulsorily match with details available in the documents uploaded. In case of mismatch of any kind in details entered at the time of registration and details provided in documents uploaded, highest bid submitted will be rejected.
  7. Fill up the registration form. Make a note of the user id and password generated at the time of registration. Same user id and password will be used to login. Buyers are advised to keep their user ids and password confidential and not to share with anyone to avoid misuse. MSTC/HMDA will not be responsible for any misuse of the buyers user id and password. Complaints of any kind regarding misuse of user id and password will not be entertained. Buyers in their own interest are advised to change password and keep it confidential. Make sure that you logout properly and completely if registration or bidding is done from a cybercafé or any other public place.
  8. Accept the General Terms n conditions and Buyer specific Terms n Conditions by ticking on the check box provided.
  9. Check the preview and make changes, if required.
  10. Click on ‘Submit’ button after checking all the entries as appearing in the preview.
  11. Check your registered email for submission of registration fee to complete the registration process.
  12. Do not reply to the system generated auto mail received in your registered mail.
  13. Mere registration and non-submission of either of documents or registration fee will lead to de-activation of the buyer’s registration.The registration details will be automatically deleted after 30 calendar days from date of registration if it is not activated.
  14. Log-in of the buyer’s registration will be activated only after receipt of the registration fee in MSTC’s account and uploading of complete/correct documents from log in of the buyers(It may be noted that details entered online for registration should match with the documents submitted).
  15. Buyers in their own interest are advised to register well in advance and not wait for the last date to avoid the last moment rush. In-complete registration or submission of registration fee after the last date of registration will not be considered for activation. It takes one day for the amount to be reflected in MSTC’s account. Hence, buyers in their own interest may submit the registration fee in such a manner that the amount gets reflected in MSTC’s account well before the last date.
  16. Registration fee paid on the last date may not get reflected on the same day in which case log-in of the buyer will not be activated.

Submit Registration fee through link: “e-payment for new / deactivated buyers” available on the log-in page. auctionhome/govts/index.jsp The link provided above is for payment of Registration fee only. Any other payment made through this link will not be acknowledged and taken into Cognizance.

Registration fee is non-refundable. Registration fee is Rs.11,800/- inclusive of GST 18% (Non-Refundable). Registration is valid for participation in e-auction of plots conducted on behalf of HMDA for a period of one year only from the date of making online registration. It takes 24 hours for the payment to get reflected in the account of MSTC, buyers are advised to submit registration fee at least one working day prior to the last date of submission of registration fee to ensure activation on time. Registration fee received after the due date/last date/cutoff date for registration will not be accepted and log-in of the buyer will not be activated.

Log in will be activated only after on line registration, submitting the self attested scanned copies of the required documents and giving payment details of the registration fee paid.


Scanned copies of Documents submitted should match with the details entered on line. Buyers have to ensure that details entered at the time of online registration are correct and match with the documents submitted as proof in support of the details.

You will get a system generated mail after activation of your login. Do not reply to that mail

Details of catalogues can be seen by the un – registered buyers by following steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on upcoming events
  • click on e-Auction
  • scroll down to hyderabad region
  • Registered buyers can see from their log in by Click on forthcoming auctions.
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